“In the beginning, it was all Black and White” – Maureen O’Hara

Well… which of the beginnings though? for now let’s just focus on the underestimated black and white outfits. 

what comes to your mind when you think of wearing a black & white outfit to an event? “lawyers’ uniform”, “waiter”, “any officiating role”, what else? I for one would not randomly wear a black and white outfit, if i wasn’t following a theme. I’ll rather wear either of the colours solely. Hence if I had to wear a black and white outfit, I like to plan, just as I did sometime in April. 

So i got added to a bridal shower group in March and i already knew whose wedding was coming up. 


image1 (2)

In case you are wondering who Ada is, I met her in 2015 in Leeds. Herself and Ug (a.k.a G. Unit a.k.a Ugonna) were the two people who made sure i did not misplace on my first few days in Leeds. Also we stayed in the same accommodation – Grayson Heights. 

The Bride – Ada – prepping for her Bridal Shower

Fast forward to 2018, Ada’s bridal shower was coming up and the theme was Black and White. Reading through the brief of the shower sent by her best friend, my mind started sifting through my wardrobe, and voila! I remembered I bought a slightly glittery/ velvety black bodysuit from Debrasgrace during the days I used to splurge  (a little), right now I’m more careful and haven’t bought anything just for the sake of it. You get like that when you read a book like “Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu” . I remember how one of this my unnecessary purchases made me buy one substandard pair of pants from someone from my se… you know all those ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ posts? Exactly. Anyways, that’s some story for another day. 

Summary is, this particular splurge from Debrasgrace was not useless. I liked what i bought, as i went to the physical store to try it and some other outfits on before making a purchase. So, my mind already registered the black bodysuit, but what did I have to pair it with without going outside the theme?

I could have easily gone for something safe like wearing a ‘small black dress’ or an all-white outfit but that just felt like giving up before even starting (lol yes, we are still talking about outfits, I just had to take 2 seconds to reach to my deep side 😉 ). 

So I skimmed through my Instagram TL and stumbled on The5kShop ‘s striped pair of pants and there and then I saw my whole outfit. 

I was skeptical when I saw the size chart started from Uk 6. If you know me in real life you would understand my fear. I was going to ask for a customised Uk size 4 to be on the safe side and avoid the hassle of adjusting outfits or returning for a smaller size, but something on the inside urged me to keep it at Uk 6. You never know until you try… (here I am blessing you with some more depth, you are welcome). So I ordered and for a first order, I was pretty impressed. I did not have to adjust one thing as it was a perfect fit!

The pop of colour? Definitely a must for me. 

The pop of colour is like the smile your outfit needs. It brightens the entire ensemble. So I paired my slightly glittery/ velvety black bodysuit and Wide Leg striped pants with a pair of Red Velvet heeled sandals, also from Debrasgrace. 

And the outcome: 

image2 (1)

The End. 

Oh, about the Bridal shower, it sure went well! I loved every bit of the entire weekend. From the Friday night out with the Bride, to setting up the venue the next day for the Bridal shower, to every agenda being ticked off as the Bridal shower progressed.  Every single bit. 

The End.

One more thing. More like a tip. If you ever find yourself stranded on how to style an outfit, you can check Pinterest for inspiration. However, be mindful not to be obsessed with obtaining things, you can always make do with what you have. Watch out for my next style post and see how I utilised what I had to create the look I wanted.

I hope this is not the longest style post you’ve read lately. I like to talk a lot when I write, my bad.

Ug and I on the shaku shaku wave

The Real End. 




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    I shall one day be able to write lai dis… Amen🙏
    Nice one as always babes😘

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    Its never a splurge if the outfit/accessory bangs😎💥. Nice post. You’re creative.

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    Lovely dear

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