How I rocked two outfits in one event.

From my previous style post “black, white and a pop of colour”, I made mention of how versatility was important in picking out and styling outfits. Sometimes, it pays to use what you have in your wardrobe, instead of spending some extra cash on some outfit.

So, case scenario. You have to go for a career event from work and there’s a networking session over some finger foods afterwards. The event is at Eko Hotel and you stay on the Mainland. Even if you stay on the Island, going back and forth would be a waste of time and resources. Let’s just say this scenario was my reality and versatility had to come to play for this one as I wasn’t about to buy one extra thing. Not even a pin.

let me quickly chip in as regards versatility. Don’t make the mistake of limiting versatility to how an outfit can be styled in different ways, on different occasions. It can come to play at the same venue, for the same event, and on the same day (so long there’s a restroom lol).

So one of my favourite plugs on 9-5 openings and career events messaged me on WhatsApp to ask if I knew about the UK universities career event coming up in Nigeria (yes, I’m looking for a job, particularly in advertising or marketing communications, in case someone’s asking 😉). The event was organised for UK universities graduates to meet with reps of companies in Nigeria. And whether the event was useful or not, my versatility mode was instantly turned on.

I needed an outfit fit enough for an interview with these company reps and one fit enough for a cocktail 🍸 afterwards without looking so uptight or out of place.

So, I picked out a short green pleated wrap dress 👗  from Topshop, paired with ‘pop socks’ and voila! An outfit okay for bants over a few drinks with co-job seekers/ retired members of the  IJGB association/ company reps that were only present because the invite came from “The UK” even though there were no openings in their organisations.

Whew. I digressed. I know. I always do that 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Back to versatility. For the first session, which was the major part of the event, I didn’t want to wear a dress and pop socks nor did I want to wear it to work. I needed a look that could transit from work to the first session of sit-ins with company reps…

Sooooooooo I wore the dress with… a … pair …. of … pants! You weren’t expecting that were you? Lol, I wasn’t expecting it either. It just happened 😂😅. I even put the ropes of the wrap dress through the belt holes of the pants 😂.

The result!


Then evening came.

Pants off, pop socks on. Time to ‘socialise’ and ‘network’. Time for bants.. finger foods.. pictures with people you might never see again..and of course, pictures with the props

I was meant to be shaking the Queen’s hand 🤝, but I had other plans ✌🏾

…. The End

Wrap Dress: @Topshop

Pants: @debrasgrace

shoes: @payporte


  1. Avatar
    Betiku Victor

    Oyinloluwa at her best.
    Top versatility technique.
    As a guy, fashion versatility comes easy.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you for reading 😂😩🙏🏾. I appreciate . Lol, I’ll like the hear about the versatility part as a guy 🌚

  2. Avatar
    Mercy koroyin

    😍😍. Love the colour and everything else… #impressed

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Mercy for checking out my post ! I appreciate 😩💃🏽😘

  3. Avatar
    Tobi Akinwumi

    1. You write impeccable English

    2. You got some good taste of fashion. Got me contrast between the two pictures. The switch.

    3. Lol nice Job advert

    1. Avatar

      looool. Thank you Tombo FC! You still owe me birthday cake!

  4. Avatar

    😅😅Way to go girl!! Fashion staement on point🙌.
    Hmm I would sure take a clue from this to rock my next joint event.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks sweet 😘😘😘😘. Tag me when you do 😉

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