RACE: Digital Marketing Strategy for your Small Business

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One approach to developing online marketing strategies for your small business is by using the RACE framework. RACE simply refers to – Reach, Act, Convert and Engage.


In the initial stage being the Reach stage, you want to make your potential audience aware of your product or services so you explore the channels and types of content you want to publish for the different categories of your audiences to see.

All the actions in this category require you to plan, publish and promote your brand/ business via online platforms such as search engines, social media platforms, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, blog posts.


The next level of this approach is ‘ACT’ – the decision making stage. To make the audience you reached act accordingly, ensure that their customer journey is seamless and the contents on their journey are relevant enough to prompt them to act. In this stage, they are likely to show their interest by: liking; spending time going through your content; saving a post or dropping a comment/ message to make enquiries.


Here, they finally make a purchase, book a demo or put in their contact details for you to reach them. One key thing to do in this stage is to make use of automations to remind potential customers who forgot to complete purchase on the web, for instance.

One mistake business owners, as well as digital marketers make is to end in the convert phase.


In the engage stage, you give customers more information about your brand/ business. Ask for their feedback on their purchase. Then, turn them into loyalists: with perks that can result in a re-purchase; or with excellent customer service.

Beyond marketing budgets, word of mouth is the highest credibility your brand/ business can have. A customer’s review or referral stands as advocacy for your business which will further authenticate your brand.

So, are you going to try this RACE approach for your brand/ business? Share with us in the comments and any questions you may have.

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