Drink Water and Mind your Business

‘Drink water and mind your business’ looks like the current yardstick for maturity. I love maturity- It’s safe. It provides you a range of security. Maturity allows you be conscious of your limits so you don’t get in trouble. It is also one thing Nigerians struggle with. Well, that’s a topic for another day.

As much as I love maturity, the requirements for membership are too tasking; and after stakeholders meeting with my spirit, soul and body, we have agreed that we would rather watch it from afar. If you are thinking this is another book prologue on the art of drinking water and minding your business, then I am sorry (more like excited) to disappoint you.

Drinking water is fine and all. There’s even an influencer dedicated to reminding you on Twitter. I can also plug you to some health links on the benefits of drinking water, but, you see the rest of the saying which involves minding businesses? It would not exactly work. Well, because I want to be in your business and you in mine. Literally. 

Okay, let me rephrase. I want to work with your business and I want you to be curious enough about who we are and what we have to offer, at Honeysville.

It is easy to ramble about offered services and slam “marketing”, ”strategy” and other buzz words across this post, but it runs deeper than that at Honeysville.

Let me diverge a little bit.

I remember applying to the University of Leeds and the word “Curiosity” being the bedrock of my statement. An excerpt: 

“I got fascinated with the media from a very early age as I wondered how all the pictures, commercials, presentations, broadcasts, news items, advertisements and every other form of media were put together. I got fascinated not with the ones in the spotlight but with the ones behind the scenes. This fascination quickly turned into curiosity, hence my BSc in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos”

The curiousity has morphed obviously.

Delving a little more into my curiosity level as a person, I’d say we peg it at 15%.

To simply put, I don’t care who gistlover’s latest target is or who made it to Twitter’s trend table. I see myself as someone who has to intentionally care about a situation. With caring being such an intentional act, I try to channel the energy to things that matter.

These things I have summed up to include God, family, friends, and Advertising (your business). Not your closet business except there’s a brand name to it. 

The Business Part

Now to the business of the day – the one I don’t mind you minding. Let’s call this an official Introduction. 

With Honeysville, expect a brand overhaul if you are receptive to hear what an experienced third eye has seen and has to say – Brand consultation

Honeysville is where you put off your shoes, drink cold water and relaxxx because you know your copies, social media pages, digital Ads, website optimization will be well taken care of.

At this Ville, your campaigns are handled with the utmost professionalism regardless of your budget. We meet you where you are at financially and help you reach where you need to be exponentially.

So, permit us to mind your business for you.

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