Rainy Days, Rainy Slays

I feel like I should dedicate this first style post to Lagos rainy days for being the inspiration for this post. Thanks to Lagos rain with all its many pros and cons. From Pros such as being an excuse to be a little late to work and having a valid excuse, to cons such as hiked transport fares, soiled feet if you don’t have a ride, relocation- as you might sleep in Lekki and wake up in Ojota because flood (I kid), soaked bodies despite holding an umbrella, ‘foreign bodies’ being splashed on you.. Looks like the cons overshadow the pros, but Nah, there’s the ultimate ‘pro’ of more crops. More crops mean more food to eat, and food is life. So, special shout out to Lagos rain. One more pro, the rain starts and there’s instantly something to joke about such as flood topic, or the recycled topic of having someone to be laid next to.

Still weird how we don’t use weather apps in Nigeria with all the rain that falls, we all be looking to the skies as our weather forecast like dibias while folks in the UK can’t go out or plan an event without scheduling with the weather first. When it falls in Lagos, there are usually two kinds of rainfall- the drizzly one that doesn’t stop; then the aggressive one that stops before the end of the day. As soothing and nostalgic as the smell of rain might be … Yes I am such a pluviophile… or how rhythmic the showers on the roofs sound.. , I’ll rather not be in the rain, especially on a weekday. I’ll rather be sipping on some coffee, curled up in my sheets and watching some series distractedly.

So what to wear on a day like this?

One important thing about Lagos rain is, don’t expect to feel cold. The only thing you should be mindful of is the Air Conditioner in your office! Tricky I know. No need for heavy outfits to conserve heat or you just might choke from the excess heat you have conserved. Keep it light, even in the rain.. or maybe I’m a cold blooded human? I feel I am the only one that feels this way about Lagos rains though.

So, work cloth experiments. The experiment is wearing light sweaters as tops. Tried it randomly with a pair of Mango jeggings the other day because rain was falling but mhan did I regret it! I did sweat regardless of the rain. I sweated so much that I almost vowed never to wear sweaters in Lagos again, rain or not. Good thing I did not vow just yet. So I tried it again, this time with a skater skirt. And on this very rainy day, I think it was a wise decision. While my place of work is flexible with outfits, it would have still passed as ‘office enough’ for any organization, and from the drizzle outside (from home to jumping buses) to the AC inside (the office. I don’t have a car yet but God will provide soon), the sweater outfit was just perfect. No need for a blazer or an extra neck scarf to be warm and comfortable. So while the “7 days rain, 7 days without” system is what operates in lag (it is not a myth), you might want to try out a sweater outfit.

So a mustard sweater from H&M;

Polka Skater skirt from Mr Price;

And a pair of Atmosphere basic flats;

With a pinch of snapchat filter and blur, here goes:



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    No regrets spending the last 30 mins. on ur blog. And i hope for more. You’re original ma.

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      wow. I appreciate this comment very much. Thank you

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