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Minutes to my 25th and I scrolled through pages on the internet of things one should have done before 25 and all I could do was laugh out loud. Although, I have always had my bucket list and thankfully I have ticked off at least one item on the list, however bucket lists are lifelong not age-bound. So I scrolled through various lists of things to do to see if they were things I could still catch up on or if all I could do was keep laughing and close the webpage thereafter. Not long,I stumbled on a couple suggestions that were simple and cute, like:  go to the cinema alone – I would say I was this close to going to the cinema on my own, but that got ruined somehow. Visit another continent – I have 2015 summer and Masters to thank for that.  Learn a new skill- I downloaded a piano app (I hope that counts) and currently trying to learn graphic design. Make a list of restaurants and try them all out- I have made this list way before seeing this article telling me to make a list! I’m a proud foodie (Junk-foodie). So, list made but yet to try them out, anyways, I have been on eatdrinklagos frequently for reviews. Do something outside your comfort zone – I moved to a new city, it’s not a new city per se, but at least I made that move. My comfort zone used to be my room on road 13… tmi.  Go somewhere nostalgic from your childhood – visited my primary school and boyyy these teachers that taught me 20 years ago are still there (God bless ‘em). Go for a music festival – would Gidifest count? Nah? Oh well…


Those were the easy ones.


The ones that had me ‘lolling’ were: Test-drive your dream car – lol where.  Conquer one of your biggest fears… – I still can’t speak in public and I am still scared of heights. Try a new sport– IMO, sleeping is a sport, plus, we are not sporty in my family. Attend a major sport event – definitely football, hopefully soon.  See some of your favourite artists perform live – lecrae, Ed Sheeran…lol. Do something adventurous – see, if you are a Nigerian in Nigeria and you ply routes like Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ore-Benin road, that’s some adventure.  Host a party- dunno how I have never done this all my life. Bungee jumping – hahahaha!  Ordinary Lekki Conservation Centre canopy walk, heaven knew someone was calling for help.


Nonetheless, I have my list of things I have learnt through the years. 25 things I have learnt about myself and life.

  1. I am allergic to something finally- Mushrooms.
  2. Learnt a little about love. Sometimes the love you give out wouldn’t be reciprocated in the same measure and this isn’t even restricted to the typical ‘boy/girl’ relationship … but in Mother Teresa’s words, “love anyway”.
  3. Words are strong; ‘No Words’ are stronger because they can destroy words said or words that could have been said… not sure if I am making sense, but that’s something I have learnt also. (3b) sometimes you won’t make sense to anyone. Most times it’s a case of “if you know, you know”.
  4. I realised I don’t really watch movies. I watch them most times to pass time or finish a meal.
  5. Been long I finished a book. Used to be easy when I even had so much to do… so the questions are- is there some sort of unrest I feel? Anxiety? Should I perhaps see a therapist?
  6. I know what makes me happy. I see it as my career path. It’s advertising. Advertising is life. It gives everything a fresh perspective. Makes you less judgmental, helps you understand narratives from nothing. I am not there yet, but maybe in some years I’ll have something to write on how I finally got on the dream path.
  7. Coming back to this city has made me realise I am not as calm as I always thought. One minute I am thanking God for the day and trying to stay cheerful, the next minute a cuss word slips out ’cause someone just splashed water… f…
  8. If you want something done…yes, you know the rest of it.
  9. You shout at me and I already like you less. Till the like gets to zero. Then, au revoir.
  10. Never believe the hype. Trust your path.
  11. Age is useless. Steady learning gems from people younger than me like my lil bro. mhan I’m even learning how to always smile from a baby that doesn’t talk yet – Asahd.
  12. All the bits and pieces would add up eventually…
  13. The little things are so big… sometimes you just want ‘100naira ewa agonyi’ to have a brighter day or even a smile or a ‘thumbs up’ from someone that means something to you…
  14. Don’t ever do good for the sake of getting it back from humans because they will definitely fail you. God is the only plug.
  15. You can give humans your head and they will still do you dirty.
  16. There will be disappointments, but don’t let them tamper with your self-worth.
  17. Silence isn’t always golden.
  18. One true friend is enough.
  19. Family is importantest after God.
  20. Never put your happiness in a person, that’s one shortcut to suicide
  21. There’s always a back story to every event. And everything that happens in the physical, happened in the spiritual (yes, a pinch of depth).
  22. Worship songs, warm showers are so soothing
  23. Love is not a mood.
  24. All these things, people, ideas we daily chase will pass away.
  25. (And topping the list is the fact that ) God is constant. Looks cliché but looking through my life and frailty of humans… I even leave myself sometimes… Sometimes my spirit, soul and body are in a ‘disconnect’ (and nope, the word disconnect is not Hov’s property, focus people). God is Constant.


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    Happy Belaaaated! Had to stress the a ‘cos it’s really late.

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    Now i totally believe you are grown… Thumbs up!

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    I’ve read alot of things that has inspired me this special month and this is one of them.
    “25 things” So accurate!!!.
    YES!!! Sleeping is a sport. I agree with this weird thought. lol

    This post should be framed…😂 Really though!
    God bless your Journey girl!!!

    1. Avatar

      thank youuuuuuuu! i appreciate your comment very much. looool thanks for agreeing with the sleeping sport. and Amen to your prayer!

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    Wa! Wow! Wawuh!
    Coincidentally and thankfully I was with my journal and pen while I laid to read through ; Trust me, I had to star out some that calmed my anxious nerves and drive…”bucket list are life-long not age-bound”; No 21 physical results a function of a spiritual influence; 12 the mathematics of our bits and pieces, just to highlight a few.

    A weighty piece, thanks for sharing dear. Cheers to more check✔

    1. Avatar

      Tayoooooooooo! I got notification of your comment and I was sure I was going to read through a weighty and rich comment as well. I appreciate you going through every sentence. and yes! cheers to more checks✔

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    Interesting piece Oyin.

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      Thanks for reading, Blessing. i appreciate.

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    Number 25 got me laughing out loud. Mehn, its something that wee kee someone, sha let it not be another person.
    Nice one!

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      *Number 20 I meant.

      1. Avatar

        looooooooool you know! thanks for reading and commenting.

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    Nice piece darling….. The number one person that makes me feel beautiful.

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      Mayowaaaaa you are too amazing! thank you for reading and commenting!

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    Ekene Temi

    I think for my 25th.. I checked two things off my list. The new continent, live game items are on my list as well 😁

    No 23 is deep mehn!
    One thing that has stood out for me in this new age is treating people properly regardless of their age. In our nigeria, people get caught up in always trying to prove something ‘cos they’re older & they probably feel there’s some kind of trophy that comes with being older.. (I’m wondering).

    Thanks for sharing! Bet public speaking is small thing for you! 😘

    1. Avatar

      why i love Ekene! always some rich conversation with you. Thank you for gracing my comment section.
      No 23 sheyyyyy… people need to understand this. You don’t love one minute because you woke up on the right side of the bed that morning, then feel the opposite the next minute ’cause bad weather. if God treated us that way, there’ll be chaos.

      lmao you are right. Nigerians and “do you know who i am?” or “how old are you”.

      lol, someday soon, i’ll work on public speaking. Thank youuuu

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    Happy 25 Oyin..May all your dreams come true..

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      Amen and Amen. Thank you so much for stopping by…

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    Nice write up.Weldone mama…Thank you for the 25 things you have learnt about life..I grasped somethings from it…Thank you!

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      my baby is the best! Thank you.

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    Nice write up. Weldone mama….so many things I grasped from it..Thank you!

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    Nice one Oyin and thank you.

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      I should be the one thanking you Lolade for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate.

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