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You ever have that one versatile outfit that fits almost every occasion and fits your skin without being uncomfortable, and gives you room to let your creativity burst out in colours of the rainbow while not going over the top and looking like a clown but looking just how you intended to?

Whether classy and chic, casual chic, girl next door, professional, TGIF, church or jumat, Red carpet, dinner. Almost every scenario, just this one outfit!

If you don’t have that one outfit you can point to as your versatile charm, then I think you should get one. Just like the little black dress ‘must have’ (weirdly, I don’t have), an outfit that’s not necessarily a dress nor black, usually of a monochromatic colour or of colour variations and patterns kept on ‘minimal’ to increase the versatility of the outfit, and showcase your creativity.

For instance, this orange outfit I got from Tk Maxx (I should check the label) is one comfy outfit I am happy I purchased. While it is skin-fit, it is not in the least way tight. It’s an all round stretchy outfit, I bet a size 14 could wear it and it would still be perfect.

So, a list of ways this outfit can be worn. I however have just two ways in picture. Maybe if I had a photographer friend, I would have played dress-up. Ffs (for fun sake), I’ll call the dress – “orangie”.

  1. Casual Chic: Orangie + A pair of sneakers (say Adidas superstar, sneakers with white on it to make it pop) + a jean jacket (plain/distressed/embroidered/any type) hanging over your pretty shoulders + plunging neckpiece (not layered though. Keep it light) + a sling purse. This would work well in Nigerian weathers (asides rain. Your sneakers might suffer) and work well in summer!
  2. Simply chic: Orangie + waterfall jacket with a pair of heeled sandals+ a bag that can accommodate quite a couple of things – works well in Nigerian climates and in winter/summer (the thickness of the jacket will simply vary by the weather condition. Also be mindful of the type of heels because grounds can be pretty slippery during winter.) Photo Aug 13, 08 39 53
  3. Girl-next-door: this is dressing down to the least but not in the least looking scruffy. You probably just want to grab a quick takeaway pack, so you drive down in your orangie + a pair of flat slippers (Make it a cute pair though, you can meet your crush anywhere *wink*).
  4. Evening out: the outfit stands out here, every piece used with it should be elegant and minimal. Orangie + A pair of cute heels + cute clutch + dropping statement earrings + hair probably up or in a bun, so the earrings and neck area can take the shine.

One more awesome thing about having a versatile outfit- you can wear one outfit a couple times and it looks new every time, hence, money saved. Btw, if you have that one outfit, I would like to see the different ways you rocked it in pictures. Email: oyeenakeredols@yahoo.co.uk. Your submissions would be included in this post.




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    Lol tell me you don’t have more than one versatile outfit😊.
    You look amazing😍

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