Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time – Steven Wright

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking – Friedrich Nietzsche ….

Hence this ‘great’ trek piece.

So, many people as we know have trekked and still trek for the right reasons. Some trek for solidarity; for peace walk protests like in the days of Martin Luther King Jr. which was largely inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, (God bless their souls) – these were walks that had great causes and were recorded in history books.

Some others trek because it became a trend to trek in honour of some political being that got into office… I hope I understand the rationale behind this soon. Well, some have said that the Trekkers in this aforementioned category probably saw the future (which is now the past) where people had to trek because – oil crisis. Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) products were not only expensive, they were inaccessible. Ask any Nigerian for the rest of the gist.

While people daily trek for honourable and unavoidable reasons, there are some random reasons a nocturnal being with a very flexible job would trek.

For non-fictional instances…

…. You watch nba finals till 5am in the morning and all excited that the team you’ been rooting for won. Yay! #teamcurry!!!! #gsw but then, there’s work in some hours. ****** you end up trekking.

There’s some hot gist on some social network. Twitter to be precise. Even though your online personality is “#stayinyourlane #mindthebusinessthatpaysyou #dramafree #etc” … You still get a hand of the gist whether personal drama or political or celebrity gossip, you have to be fully informed and watch all the bants unfold. Then shoot! It’s past 4 in the morning ***** you end up trekking.

Power outage almost all evening… Then just when you are about to call it a night.. “Up Nepa!”time to do everything you couldn’t do when power was out. Iron maybe, try out clothes for the next day, charge gadgets..(even though there would be light at work the next day) , check apps like Instagram, bbm, before you are aware, it’s already 3am! *****you end up trekking.

You’ve had this book for close to a month now, and the weekends have been so stressful, or not. Maybe you ‘re just lazy. This night is so cool.. Light showers… the drizzly feel.. A good book while sipping on something hot would just be perfect for this typa night… Every chapter making you want to read the next.. You are curious about how it ends or at least have enough information to guess how it does.. Then it’s dawn already. ***** you end up trekking.

Sometimes food. Wobia nation. You’ve had dinner.. Buh you just want to nibble on something. You end up eating meat and “efo”, then you take watermelon and then the fridge helps out with some snack and drink. That’s a complete meal already! Now you have to let ALL OF THOSE digest a bit… At least till your conscience stops pricking you about endangering your health. You are up almost all night in the sit-up-back-to-the-wall position reminiscing good times till tis 5:30am. ****you end up trekking.

This time you are all up early and ready for the day. Bath- [check], brush- [check], “all dressed and dolled up” – [check], Packed bag- [check], then just a little snooze … For 5mins with All the means of transportation still very much available, parents, brother… Then the next minute you are up – everyone is gone. *****you end up trekking.

Sometimes you just wanna trek to appreciate nature and think of ways these beauties can also be used as sources of revenue for the small quarters community and just think.. Think about life.. About the current phase that you are in and try to picture what’s next, with some music…Ears plugged and every rhythm begins to make more sense and you get to sing along without anybody judging how you sound as you trek by…

nah I lied. You never just wanna trek, you simply missed your ride.


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    Akin Wale

    Awesome piece…. You’re just a nocturnal being

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      Hahahaha. Ukr*. Thanks for reading.

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    Ogbuji Ngozi

    Nyc one dear

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Ngozi. I appreciate 😀

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    beautiful write up by a beautiful young lady

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    Wow, nice write up dear

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    Nice one Oyin. the food part got me laughing out loud..

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      hahahaha! thank you sooo much! Okushaga of life! :*

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    Nice piece dear!

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    Olabiyi Bolanle

    Nice piece, mind blowing!!!

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      thanks so much Bolanle. I truly appreciate.

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    cool stuff!
    of you, i am proud

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    Such matchless diction!
    I’m slayed already!

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      Ah. I’m trying to be like you o. I’m your newest fan! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    Ola Folasade

    I think u need to trek more…a good write up it is!

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    seun oyedele

    Good write up, people always have a reason for whatever they do.

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