I Should Have Listened

My mother said stay home with me

Let’s hold the fort

For the ones in front

She said stay home with me

My sight you may hate

But better a distaste than an end date

Stay home with you?

How do I stay, when the street beckons to me?

In a month or three, my belly – the first sight you meet

My muscles cry to be flexed

Home with you constrains them

I am a strong independent black man

Sculpted from birth for warfare

Our heroes past didn’t die that I may cower in fear

Everywhere I turn, I don’t find guns but I hear sobs

Doesn’t look like a war, but why do I feel defeated?

The streets are quiet but it’s like 1914 all over, with my bronchi on fire

I should have stayed home with her and save lives with her

(C) Oyin Akeredolu

Lagos, Nigeria

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